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Nice work, I liked the way the story played out.  Very clever and original story line.  Keep up the good work :) 

Interesting game :) I like the story line 

This game was so cool, and told an interesting story that left me wanting more. Good job! (please give me more LOL) 

I can't get this game to install via the itch launcher- it doesn't let me select a package and throws a build error when I click install.

Same thing is happening to me right now.

Very eerie and surreal game that I really enjoyed! 7/10!

this game was very interesting and I loved the story! The camera angles get a little funny some times but this is definitely one of my favorite indie games.

Very fun game with interesting concept, good job!


Viktor and Felix, Both twin brothers

Make the horror games

Had a good time with the game.

Really cool game. Enjoyed the heck out of it. 

Really enjoyed this :) 

Really interesting plot and atmosphere.

Gave it a Let's Play, good stuff

This was awesome! So suspenseful so mysterious. Great job 👍🏾

Great game. Nice angles and plot. This game deserve more content. 

Just the right mix of questions and answers to make you want more, with a pretty deep story under the short gameplay.

I honestly would want a another one. It has alot mystery to it. Thank you for a great game.

great jobs!

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