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This has stuck with me ever since I saw it for the first time. Thank you for making it.


I love the PS1 grungy style and overall story for this game. The ending really blew my mind. Great job Dev!

Good concept!  Really thought provoking, would like to see more like this.

This game had me on edge the entire time. Also made me very uncomfortable. Very good job!

Interesting Game, Enjoyed and Hope to see more Games Like this In the FUTURE.

Fun game, really enjoyed it. There were a few bugs that softlocked me but nothing majo

Great art style. Love the story line. controls can be confusing. Great addition to my channel! 

My playtrough of your game

Love the art style, great ending that filled me with existential dread. The controls took a bit of getting used to but I ended up really liking them, plus the walking animation lent itself to the character.

Awesome, short experience with eldritch-esque mystery to it. 

My only criticism is that you can't skip the first cutscene if you need to restart the game for whatever reason and that there's borderless screen option, but those are minor QoL things that did not by any measure ruin the experience.

fun game very sad tho

Fun little game, really enjoyed the ending


it was pretty hard because of the cameras, i think it would be better with a camera that moves, good game overall, the morbid platform and the story was pretty sinister

Loved it,wish there is more plot into it

Bloody Hell the controls are a bit weird but is a good game and full of mysteries 

hey - I can't seem to get this to install in the itch app? it's doing that thing where the install box is empty


Was super interesting and a fun game. It was really enthralling and intriguing with the mystery behind everything; the world, the story and everything which was super well done!

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The story it was interesting im curios if there is going to be made more on this game in the future.

Hey I started a new series rating select games. Your game is the first one I am rating and I have to say this game was awesome! You can see the review at the end of the video but the intro will describe how i rate. 

really interesting game & story. Had me thinking about everything throughout the game! Nice work, looking forward to see what else you come up with next 


I had a pretty good time with this game! It really reminds me a lot of the silent hill and resident evil games!  Keep up the good work!!! If you're curious about my experience, then you can check out the video on my channel or watch the video I posted here! Enjoy my agony!

Very cool game! I loved the story and I really hope that there's more to this, coz there were a lot more questions than answers and I NEED MORE! Haha. I done a video of it for my channel :)


Great game! Loved the atmosphere and the story. Great stuff

A pretty good game overall. The message of the game sort of went over my head when I first played it. It felt a little abstract, but thinking back now it feels like it was on the topic of suicide. Could be wrong, but a good game nonetheless. Only complaint is that the camera can be very glitchy and disorienting when walking down a path with many turns.

I really liked the feel of the game! It controls like the old resident evil or silent hill games, and the premise is interesting! It feels like there has to be more to this story than what we've experienced! Would definitely enjoy more like this! Awesome job!

Please make full version!! 
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This was a good game was definitely different kinda reminded me of the early resident evils on the walking and camera keep up the good work

Gotta say interesting stuff. I would like to know more about this world. Still could ya help out and share this video to your community? it helps with YouTube sharing it out on it's own site too I want more people to see your game. 

I played your game, and I really enjoyed it! Keep up the good work! It had a great style and story :) 


Beautiful game, I'm still trying to understand if it has a deeper meaning to it.

awesome game! i loved the concept and style! 

Where are my pants!?

awesome, keep goin!

Full Play No Commentary 

So good the game!

Cool game here's a speedrun.

Very good game. The story is creepy,

and the environments feel massive.

This is conceptually a fascinating game. My only gripe with it is that the reveal isn't necessarily shocking or unpredictable. You mix this with the fact that the gameplay isn't very engaging and this game quickly finds itself in a pretty mediocre place. 

This is me being overly critical though. It's a visually fantastic looking game and the animations are slick, sometimes even whimsical. You might find the plot-twist surprising if you don't often play games like these. In any case, it deserves to be played. 

Thanks for making games!

Interesting game for sure! I love this style, such a throwback! Could of have some jumpscares here and there! 

This was pretty solid. Definitely more weird than creepy though. Made a video on it.

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