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Spooky, but somehow cozy atmosphere.  Great music choice too! 9/10


A fun indie horror! I love the concept put into it! 

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!!

Creepy Vibes!

I loved it.  The atmosphere was excellent.  It was somehow creepy and calm at the same time with the soundtrack.

Liked the idea of the drowned city and was intrigued why it's happened. Monsters are really spooky, as well as the atmosphere. I recorded a playthrough in Russian language.

Крутая атмосфера и монстры. Моё прохождение на русском языке:

Great Game, awesome spooks!

Really cool. I like the unique environment and monster. Especially impressive being a jam game.

This was a really interesting one. It's short and simple, as you'd expect from a game jam game, but the creature designs are very unusual and cool, and it has an extremely nice atmosphere to it.

Recommended! Go check it out :)


I love the underwater theme, a good full-fledged horror would have come out of the notes, although the monster let down, it would have been a little more scary. My walkthrough in Russian

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Street light monsters like it

By far my favourite monster i've encountered while gaming.
Come on, ITS A LAMPPOST MONSTER, ITS AMAZING       - <3 HardDuckman

great game! Had a lot of fun!

Really cool, shame it wasn't longer 

very cool and interesting game. I'll be honest, PSX games are really well made despite its graphics. Keep up the good work! 


Never ran away from a tentacled street light before! I'll chalk it up to experience! 

the fisherman from spongebob finally got a chance to be deep down in bikini bottom except,he found a twist there XD 

Day 78, I think someone is running around town yelling "stop my cheeks are not thicc enough to eat" another survivor maybe...?

Good Job this was a really creative idea!!!


Such an interesting and creepy environment and idea for a game! I managed to break it a bit by jumping off the boat though lol great game! 

This was really fun, really spooky, so good job! Only thing is I wish there was more! 

It doesn't work on the desktop app. can you look into that. 


 aside from the bugs good game i enjoyed it a lot and it was pretty fun 

check out my vid if you want :)


A very nice mix of atmospheric gameplay and intense gameplay. Great storytelling also! I enjoyed my time playing this, great work! (Second game in the vid)

Interesting concept with the sunken city but the inhabitants being able to survive in it (for a time.) Had a blast, would love to explore this idea more.

So much happened in so little time...

Am still trying to come to terms with it.

Well done, and kudos to all involved. Your time and effort spent in/on creating this game are sincerely appreciated.

Now I'm afraid to turn on the light, tyvm...

So dis the guy just die than?


this is easily the scariest peaceful game I've ever played and it is amazing


Cool game. It had a nice atmosphere and the monster was really cool.

Watch video here: 


A unique concept with good atmosphere. I liked the ambient music. There seemed to be a few bugs, maybe you can fix for later: walls I could walk through, and buildings moving while I was running near the end. The footstep sound could be something softer, I think. The ending was depressing but a good conclusion. Overall well done.


Cool idea! Worth a playthrough for sure. 

Deep City seems to enjoy confusing the player and NPCs alike with its warped reality, and I'm okay with that.  The choice of monster was unexpected, but oddly well designed. 

Good job, dev.

Nice underwater romp

Full Playthrough No Commentary

Opa! Eai galera beleza ?! faz gameplays de terror com memes, dá uma olhada lá e ver se gosta! talvez eu consiga fazer vc rir

not bad at all for a human hey im honest not gonna butter your muffin here 

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